Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Thursday, July 28, 2016

SUMMER: 4 mini vacations in 3 weeks!

Once again, Daron planned a fabulous family trip! 3 fun-filled weeks of driving in the car together... we finished a 5-novel "The Children of the Promise" books on tape set. A yummy meal at the Big Texan in Amarillo kicked off our adventure!

Part 1: Colorado
https://youtu.be/RhvTykdeXiA Estes Park, Kassie picking rocks in the cold
https://youtu.be/OBrwZjm56pM Exploring in Rocky Mtn National Park

White water rafting, Denver where Mel grew up, Voodoo Donuts, Air Force Academy



Part 2: Las Vegas!
https://youtu.be/wKZNYkyCGME  The Venetian: Our suite in the world's biggest hotel!
https://youtu.be/4ZjiJaWSUPE The Flamingo: One of the 24 hrs of all you can eat buffets!
https://youtu.be/3mZQw3ndSzI Cirque de Soleil: Stephen stars as Papa!

Rode the monorail/roller coaster, walked thru fancy shops and saw 3 awesome shows: pet comedy, variety, and cirque! Once in a lifetime (because that's all anyone needs to do) 24hr buffets & fancy hotels.

Part 3: Yellowstone & Hairs join us at Uncle Henrik's Cabin!
https://youtu.be/ZTFYJaku8lc  Buffalo walks down road during our 1.5hr delay
https://youtu.be/ZpPaKPyGdOk Old Faithful erupts!

Part 4: Stephen and Kassie go to BYU EFY while Daron, Kenny & Mel play in Utah!
https://youtu.be/-Wd75pFFlj0 Cousin leg wars
https://youtu.be/yw6868Gj2x0 Kenny rolling down Provo's Rock Canyon Park

Saw Steve & Marla, Elder Sterling Boyd, Aunt Margaret & Bob, Temple square, kids had an awesome week at EFY, backstage Studio C tour, then home thru Arches National Pk in Moab. So sad to leave the beautiful mountains and crisp fresh air behind!






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