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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Summer Shenanigans and PHILMONT!

Troy Black said it well: "Perhaps it is a good thing you all cancelled girls camp, with arsons like you, the place would have likely burned down.  As if floods weren't enough!"  We are not delinquent agitators... burning Kassie's end of school books with her friends was all fun and games until some crotchety lady drove by and called the fire station on us... Now we're arsonists, darn it. It's ok, they just said don't do it again. It's only illegal to burn if its night time, so we didn't even know we were breaking the law. The firemen were laughing as I told them that these are all honor roll girls and we are all law-abiding citizens... And I burned my own Rice textbooks back in the day so I kind of understand the feeling :-) But this old lady 3 doors down was FLAMING MAD! I thought she was so nice, but wow... Lashed right into me about we are bad parents that don't control and discipline our kids and leave them alone to be vagrants. Hello, we were out there with them the whole time, totally supervised. Good lesson in different perspectives... explaining to the lady we didn't know it was illegal, and we'd do what was necessary to make it right. That ended up being power washing the culdesac in front of her house the next day.

Great summer activities... Finishing Conversion Discussions & Family History Cntr ~ living by cousins is great!

Father's Day fun, skits reenacting Daron's youth.


Cute mom and dad - troll gifting, the paperwork I had to complete in the 4hr ordeal to obtain the troll at the airport, and their fun roadtrip up north... being helped by a Good Samaritan!

PHILMONT! What a treat for Stephen to get a slot with a fun group to go. Prepping first with Uncle Sterl at the high school stadium.


Ummm - where did he get that 8 pack??

Philmont videos:

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