Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

"Can you please just NOT wake me up early like at 10am... just let me sleep in late!"

Wow to little Kassie's weekend request -- LOVE how she can sleep! (Like 10am isn't sleeping in??) Our world has most definitely changed with seminary -- and we love it... just VERY early mornings!! Which is why nice relaxed moments like watching Gen Conf or this Repub debate with our toesies up is so nice.


Love working out together at 6am after we drop off Stephen at seminary!


Grateful for a nice relaxing backyard with beautiful sunrises!

So awesome when Kenny does mowing for his PE homeschooling class!

Mom tries out a new wig!

Stephen's first Klein High School Wrestling Event... a team volleyball game!

A trip to the Oil Ranch... it's been over a decade since we last went - the kids have grown!

Stephen's enjoying being a Freshman! Lots of social gatherings... it's fun to play with him and all his nice, good friends. Pretty silly story -- In Biology, Stephen sits by a football player. His teacher, also the FB coach, says, "Stephen, you got 100. Schroeder (the kid who sits next to Stephen) you did too, but it must be because you cheated. Chalk didn't cheat, so I'm sure it was you. Chalk, you're well on your way to becoming the favorite student in the class."  Hilarious! He'll either be well-liked in school or very hated with things like this... 

And Sterling goes to Popeye's Village, much to all our envy, and Mom and Dad play in Galveston!

Recently, I fell into bed and wondered why I just am so tired. Then I wrote down everything I could recall that I did that day. Excluding the in-betweener things (like calling to cancel Kassie's hip-hop class payments b/c of her lacerated spleen injury, making Dr. appts for Stephen's wrestling forms, tracking down Magnolia landowners for a place to hold the Nov barn dance and 2016 Trek...) here's the basic outline. This was back when Steff's sweet Rio was still with us - God rest his soul.

5.15 Seminary wake-up/drop off/exercise
6.45 ready Kas & Kenny
8 drop off Kas
8.30 neighbor comes to drop off something, Rio runs out door, knocks over landscape light fixture, I step on the bulb and crush it. No blood
9 homeschool Kenny
10.45 leave for dentist
12.30 grocery shop
1 dr appt for cortisone shot and 2nd round of antibiotics to kick whatever I've got
2 library for more Homeschool bks
2.30 pick up Stephen from high school
3.30 take Stephen to Chill to work
4 pick up Kas from school
5 take Kenny to karate
5.30 talk with a friend who's going thru really hard stuff
6 prep dinner
6.45 leave for Stake mtg ~ training new Trek Ma & Pa

9 home, read to kids
10:30 too tired to even get into tubby...

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