Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Trunk or Treat & Roadshow!

Gleannloch Farms Ward Trunk or Treat!


 We loved being the MC's for the Stake Roadshow! 100th Anniversary of Family Home Evening ~ Daron's fun outfits reminded us of the creative ways we can celebrate FHE! And the kids enjoyed being in our ward's skit... esp. Kassie's crazy goth outfit w/ boots!


Only one more Primary Program to go after this one ~ Kenny's 10 1/2, how does time fly so fast? He received some very precious compliments on his scripture part ~ "so charming and captivating!" And from a famous public speaker in our ward, "When I saw Kenny get up, I turned to my neighbor and said, Now there is a public speaker!" One woman said she cried when Kenny lovingly got up to help sweet Riley say her part. Such a memorable day!

Hosting Kassie's 45th bday party!

Visiting the very-successful, always-busy Chill!

So fun to homeschool Kenny! It will be very hard to send him back to school next year for 5th.

Playing hide-and-go-seek with Kerrigan. No worries, she could breathe.

Klein Wrestling Car-Wash!

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