Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Australia and New Zealand ~ 2 week heavenly cruise!

Day 1!


The greatest trip EVER! 19 hours of total flight time (4.5 to San Fran, then 14.5 to Sydney) and I didn’t sleep a wink. But Daron did off and on, and I almost finished 1 of Kassie’s kindle books, and I enjoyed looking out at the HUGE ocean we crossed! There was one crying baby on the plane, which made us both miss our kids, as well as be thankful they were in a happier place than being cramped on a plane for so long! But no complaints here… there was nothing like flying over the Sydney Operahouse and famous bridge and seeing all the pretty blue water as we landed. So we dropped off our luggage to the boat at 9AM and then went to play on the Hop On/Hop Off red 2-decker tourbus (just like we did in London and Scotland).   Lots of joggers. Perfect sunny weather – we actually both got sunburned from sitting on top of the tourbus! Also one of the prettiest beaches we’ve ever seen – right up there with Megan’s Bay in St. Thomas – unreal blue water, white sand, gorgeous. It reminded us of the beautiful bay at Monte Carlo, in Monaco.  Australia is just beautiful. Lots of foliage and greenery and uniquely architecture buildings. Then we ended up back at the boat checking in at 4PM.  Very beautiful ship– totally different feeling from Carnival – fancy everything. Glass walls/windows – fancy shooty-uppy water fountains in the pool area – many older couples, only 2 little kids so far. The formal dining is self-seating at anytime, so that’ll be easier and fun. Buffet is nice – one big level 14, with lots of little stations of different kinds of food. We ate right at 4 when we boarded, then headed back at 6 for round 2. Totally gluttonous.

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