Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Monday, March 25, 2013

NZ: Dunedin and Akaroa!

Day 8 ~

Dunedin: Today was our 1st time to touch New Zealand soil, as yesterday we just got to look at the pretty Sounds.  So now we’ve experienced:
             Scotland look-alike scenery, since this city was settled by Scottish Presbyterians who wanted it to look just like Edinburough.
             The most photographed building in NZealand – the train station
             World’s steepest road: Baldwin Street – feels just like San Francisco with lots of steep roads
             A pretty 100-yr-old church… lovely, with an old cemetery behind it with unique-looking above ground crypts
             Agapanthus flowers bigger than our heads. Unreal
             “Give Way” signs instead of “Yield”. Cute

Day 9 ~
The 2 highlights of the day in Akaroa, New Zealand ~
             Watching sheep dogs round up the sheep, then sheep-shearing. This man has been doing this for 38 years, & he’s fit as a fiddle, approaching 60. So different from anything we know!
             Out of this world crazy beautiful botanical gardens.  This pic of me in the hydrangeas that tower over my head doesn’t even show a fraction of what was there – I had tears in my eyes as I walked around this place.  Probably a bit like what the Garden of Eden would’ve looked like.  Akaroa was settled by French, so it was fun to be bussed through La Rue Russard, etc.  The countryside was breathtaking. Tonight we have a comedian juggler.  Last night we heard a solo concert from Australia’s Vocalist of the year – she performed at the Sydney Olympics – unbelievable belting.

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