Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Friday, February 22, 2013

Happy Go Texan Day!

The kids loved their school's "Hoe-Down" celebration today --

Some late night visitors... joining us for our nighttime scripture reading before they left ~

Kas dressed up for 100th day of school as an old lady -- fun dousing her hair with baby powder!

Heading out to my fun YW 70s party!
Here's how Kassie spends her sick day home from school with strep... love our little guitar-playing singer!

This week brought a very sad, life-altering discovery for little Kenny-Boo.  And unfortunately it happened quite by accident. He lost another tooth, and had all the excitement along with it -- putting the tooth in a little treasure box at school, bringing it home and putting it under the pillow, etc.  But when I went upstairs to check on him that night at about midnight and leave his 'Tooth Fairy Note', I leaned down right close to his face to make sure he was asleep, and he turned over to me at that moment and opened his eyes - oh my word, I've never heard him scream so loud or jump so high. Poor boy hollered at the top of his lungs, then ofcourse started to sob -- "what are you doing? I thought you were the tooth fairy! Why are you so close to my face??"  I was trying not to laugh as I picked him up and apologized... then we had to bring him downstairs to sleep on our floor, and he was by then wide awake, so he kept saying - "take this tooth away from me - I don't want it under my pillow - it freaks me out - how does the tooth fairy get in here anyways?" So we finally had to tell him the truth, that it's a lovely thought but WE bring the notes and money, just like my parents did for me. He drifted off to sleep finally, then the first thing the next morning, he vehemently demanded "why did you have to tell me the tooth fairy wasn't real?"  Poor boy. Difficult times.
Luckily sweet cousin Jessica called Kenny to explain how she got a visit once from the TF years ago, in the form of her Dad in a pink get-up.  Leave it to Uncle Gordon to save the day!

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