Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Friday, December 7, 2012

The week of boo-boos...

Just a little gardening accident... the trimming shears I was using came apart mid-snip, causing me to lose grip on the tree branch I had bent over to cut, so the loosened tree flung the shears soaring high into the sky, only to come back down and stab 2 inches into my arm.  I AM SO GRATEFUL I stepped back in time or it could've blinded me or split my head open. 4 stitches, antibiotics, and a tetanus shot later and all is well... 8-)

We were the lucky recipients of a playset from a friend who didn't need it anymore... we've been out there NONSTOP! Stephen, Kas and I were out swinging at 9:30PM and I decided to do a very athletic dismount from the swing, in the process, my backpocket got caught on the side of the swing and we all heard a huge RRRIIIIIPPPPP before I fly into the air.  When they saw what happened, it took about 10 minutes to get them to stop laughing... Kas couldn't breathe. It's all she's talked about since then - me ripping my pants on the swing. But I did look way cool doing it.

After Thanksgiving, the 3 kids got to open 1 gift (instead of doing it on Christmas Eve... they were super excited when they saw gifts appearing under the tree...).  Kenny ended up opening his MAJOR gift, which was a new electric train - he's wanted one for... (how old is he, 7?) oh, for 7 years, so finally he got it. 8-)  Daron shwooshed it together with an older geo set we had.  That night at bedtime, he said “Mom thanks for always helping us with everything. If you didn’t, we would all be dead, and starving. And I would be so grumpy.”   I have to go write his quips down quickly so I won't forget his unique wording. 8-)

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