Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Well that was NOT worth it...

Poor little Kenny Boo went to sleep sad tonight.  We 'caved' into the pressure to let him believe in the magic and have the little magical elf that came down the chimney and leaves little gifts and moves around the house day & night.  Musical Snoopy G came down the chimney and left him presents  for 3 days (here he is the morning he first discovered Snoopy and he just stared and hugged it and laughed and rejoiced that we had an elf now, just like his cousins)...

Unfortunately, today Kassie started talking about how Snoopy was probably going to be following Kenny around.  By the time I put Kenny in bed, he was petrified about Snoopy coming after him in the night and giving him nightmares. After I explained to him that Snoopy would just be bringing cute presents and doing silly things, he still death-grip hugged me and begged to sleep in between Daron and me.  (No way Hosay) He worked himself up enough that Daron and I had to tell him that Christmas magic is real, but we did in fact bring Snoopy and the gifts.  It was SO SAD. He literally went thru all the details saying, 'so the markers - they weren't from him? He didn't come down the chimney? Who put him up on top of the door today?'  On and on, with this sad lonely look on his tired face. Finally he took my face in both his hands and said, "Mom, next time please tell me the truth.  People don't like to be tricked and teased. It's better to know for real."  By this point he was drifting off to sleep so I didn't even go there about Santa, but I believe we'll have to cross that bridge tomorrow or he may never forgive me. I may have to stop for donuts in the morning on the way to school to ease the pain. I'm just sayin, this is why I never perpetuated the myth with Stephen and Kas. Atleast we still have the dog to snuggle - she makes everything better.  This is what I found last night when I went to check on Kas... just the paws...

then her staring at me saying, why can't I stay here? She sleeps here, why can't I?

Cousin nighttime jacuzzi party

Datenight with Kas to "Nutcracker on Ice"

She decided she wants to play hockey. Probably just because she liked the gloves in the ice-rink store. We agreed she's got enough on her plate with guitar, fencing and piano.

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