Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thankful on Thanksgiving!

This year was our 10th annual trip to the Sea Mansion ~ our yearly Thanksgiving tradition where we do nothing for 5 days but sit, eat, talk, play, dig in the sand, and swim in the freeeeeezing cold water!  Our Galveston beachhouse is one of our family's favorite things to look forward to.   Non-stop football throwing, cooking, singing, playing cards... and ofcourse getting sick.  This year, only 2 went to the ER -- Kenny for the worst strep case the dr. had ever seen, and Cannon for poison ivy.


The kids caught sand crabs and put them in buckets, then the bigger crabs tore apart the littler crabs piece by piece. Kassie’s dead serious prayer that night: “Heavenly Father, we pray that Shrimpy (the small cannibalized crab) will be received into your highest kingdom.” 

And the best Thanksgiving present ever... welcome home to cute Michael! We were so excited to welcome him homeWhat a darling missionary -- all of Daron's brothers look so much alike, it's amazing!  He was just a little boy when I married Daron. How time flies.

I came home from our fun church event last night... (here's me with cute Emily) and found 3 of my 4 siblings waiting for me, in their swimsuits ready to hot tub and watch a movie at 9PM. What a hoot - I LOVE THEM!

We also recently celebrated Dad's 70th birthday -- love that man!

We had a fun surprise when we got back from our vacation  -- a young man 5 doors down was driving and TEXTING and smashed our  brick mailbox to pieces... glad no one was around. Bricks flew everywhere and damaged our neighbors car and driveway; Stephen's here holding the flattened metal box that was inside the bricks. Driving texters = deadly.

Kenny recently asked me, "I wonder if Geneve got hurt when she fell out of heaven." Shows how highly they elevate their dog... she came straight from God's side. A few minutes later, it was ~ "What would have happened if you didn’t show up on the day of my birth?" Well, I had to be there, I’m your mom. "But what if a criminal came and took me out of your tummy, what would you do then?"

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