Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2 teeth in 1 day!

What are the chances?? Kas and Kenny BOTH lost a tooth on the same day! How fun! My favorite was listening to their chit-chat last night, as they talked about the Tooth Fairy's imminent visit:

KG: I'm so excited that the Tooth Fairy is coming tonight! (100% believer)
Kas: Yeah, we might be able to see her. (non-believer, just going along with Kenny)
KG: Really?? Stephen saw her last time he lost his tooth - he said she was really nice. Maybe mom can get a picture of her if she's still up.
Kas: Well, you know Kenny, there are different Tooth Fairies in different parts of the world. There's one Tooth Fairy where we lived in Texas, but there's a different one that visits people in Europe and Switzerland and Italy. (she said them all 3 like that. Hilarious.)
KG: (Total silent awe, wide-eyed, hanging on Kassie's every word)
Kas: Yeah, the one in Texas wore red, white and blue, for the Texas flag, and the Swiss one I think has red hair and wears a red and white shirt, for the Swiss flag, maybe with blue shoes.
KG: Mom, if you're still awake, can you try to take a picture of the Tooth Fairy tonight?
Mel: Yes I'll try.
KG: This is my first tooth, so I wonder if I'll get a little more money.
Kas: Well, Kenny, here in Switzerland we have francs and euros, so since things are more expensive here, we'll probably get a little more money for our teeth.
KG: Yay!
AT 5AM THIS MORNING, I feel tapping on my cheek, and open my eyes to see Kenny clutching his bag with tooth, money and note, then I hear him say "Mom! The Tooth Fairy came! And she left me money AND a note! I'm just so excited!"  I was so tired, I pulled him into bed with me, then realized we had 2 more hours to sleep, so I kindly sent him back to his bed.  8-)

In order for Stephen to experience the same freezing 'recess time' that the kids get to have at their schools, he went out on the balcony for as long as he could stand it. It is SO COLD here!  People say they haven't seen this kind of weather in decades.  The blasting wind, and the under-construction-pathway to our park have caused us to have lots more indoor playtime. They're doing well entertaining themselves.

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