Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The COWS come home!

If we were to move from this place tomorrow, we would now be fulfilled - WE HAVE SEEN THE SWISS COWS COME HOME!! This morning we experienced the quintessential Swiss experience -- watching the procession of cows meandering down from the mountains where they've been grazing all summer.  OH my word - they were so hilarious with their huge bells and flowery head-dresses! The cows trek through the streets of every little town, all the way to the bottom of the mountains, wherever their destination is. These 'desAlps' festivities go on for the first 3 weekends in October. 

They'll run you over if you're standing too close!

Behold, the sheep dogs that run around with the cows... they must get a seat of glory too ~

And of course, the Swiss Alpenhorn blowers!

All this fun, just a short trainride away... we took a cute red cog railway train from nearby Nyon to St. Cergue, just up in the Jura mountains. Everywhere you look - colorful flowers cascading down from charming little windows. Or even, ya know, a full-on WAGON hanging in midair, attached to the side of a cottage! The whole celebration was complete with food, music, merry-go-rounds, and carnival-like fun!

Here's Kenny last night, singing "Une fleur collerette" - a French song he was assigned to learn for class!

And our sweet little nephew Callister - what a perfect baby!

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