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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Beautiful Venice!

To kick off our 2-week fall vacation, we started our fun-filled weekend by driving 7 hours to lovely Venice! It was just the same from 11 years ago when we came here with Stephanie... still the same amazing gelato, the same gondola rides (now they cost $200 per ride, so we opted to watch them sail by...) and the same chaseable pigeons on St. Mark's Square. But this time we had 3 fun little people to accompany us!   Here's the water ferry taking us to the island ~

Entering St. Mark's Square

These balloons are made of glass!  These artisans are amazing...

And of course, the gelato... you can't go to Venice and not have it!

We liked exploring this city-on-the-water, built up on wood pilings that never rot because they stay beneath the surface of the ocean. Venice is made of 117 islands, and 409 bridges.

A perfect way to end the evening... with yummy pizza!

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