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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Aunt Jenny arrives!

We love having Jen here!  So fun to decorate with all the fun Halloween stuff she brought ~

Grandma - YOU ROCK! It took 2 seconds for the kids to dive into these awesome lollipops! Thanks for sending them.

Ahhh... the indoor bow-and-arrow-swordplaying... how our neighbors must rejoice when they hear us stomping around! I love these kids - I could watch them play like this forever.

Cousin Sterl takes the kids to the park while Jen catches up on her jet-lag sleep...

And Daron is in Dubai! We're all a bit jealous that he gets to be on an HP trip in Abu Dhabi... look at his nice friend Abdul that he already met!

Here's his view from his hotel room: you can see the tallest building in the world, the Burj Tower.


Here's his narrative: "It feels a lot like Las Vegas here (hot and in a desert); although it is much larger, there are a lot of tall buildings.  The people look and talk differently, and there a ton of people packed in here with 6 and 7 lane freeways, and you get the occasional sandstorm.  Everything is meticulously maintained here, especially the roads ~ it is very impressive.  I also learned that about 70% of the population here are ex-pats primarily from Asia, but about 30% of the population is from India, and I got to eat some awesome Indian food today – it was spicy and very, very tasty."

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