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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Precious, Perfect Dad

Now I understand how the scriptures say "no words can describe what we saw and felt" ~ there really are no words to convey the feelings of my heart over this past month. Almost one month since our perfect, precious dad died and the hurt in my heart and knot in my stomach remains... along with the priceless memories and sweet loving gestures and kindnesses from others that have not stopped toward us and mom. Jenny is compiling the countless comments from friends ~ we appreciate the constant love which keeps on reminding us how much dad was loved. And how much we love him. I'll mix posts from us throughout. This first pic is the day before he died, when he came over to hang with us, see the kids, and watch a movie. So so precious.




I will forever thank Heavenly Father for blessing me with this sweet wonderful man as my father, who had a heart of Gold and nothing but joy in his soul. Thank you friends for the outpouring of love and support, a true display of how beloved dad was. God has this priceless, JOLLY man in His arms now. Til we see you again, sweet Daddy. (Me)

The happiest, most joyful and steady man I've ever known. Ever. Celestial and jolly are the words that come to my mind. I don't think he ever had a mean thought towards anyone. A smile was always on his face. He was ALWAYS excited to see us kids. I only saw him sad two times in my entire life. Once when our baby brother died and once ... well, it had something to do with someone throwing out his red hots. (I think it was Melanie "Good time's noodle salad"). Skye said , "Mom, think about all the thousands of people who welcomed him into heaven because he did so much family history work!" Dad and I went on a date on Saturday night. My last picture with him. I miss him already. I will cherish that night as long as I live. Until we meet again dad. Kas

The world lost the most perfect man last night. Our hearts ache at the loss of our father, brother, husband, and true friend. There was not a mean bone in his body, and he was the jolliest soul you've ever met. We are so very appreciative of all the outpouring of love and support from our family and friends. Oh how I miss his gentleness and warmth and presence.  Until we meet again sweet dad. Steff

I am amazed at the strength and love of this extended family that I have been blessed to know for over 25 years. One can not know the Schmutz family without immediately having a smile on your face and a joyful feeling in your heart. To know them is to want to be a better person. I have never known a family with more love, unity, Christ-like service, and laughter. If there is an ideal family to strive to be like it is the Schmutz family. They together have raised a family that truly loves one another and LOVES to be together. Isn't this what we all want? To actually want our children to want to spend time with us. Their grandchildren are best friends, their children are best friends. What a great legacy and tribute to Stephen and Inger. Steff B.

My heart is heavy today and yet I am so grateful and blessed to have had such an amazing uncle in Stephen Schmutz. He was my dad's older brother and his hero; a man known by everyone as joyful and full of life always -- no matter what. I never saw him angry and never heard him speak an unkind word to or about any person. He raised some of the most talented and kind humans that I have ever known and his children and grandchildren will be an amazing legacy to his incredible spirit. Cousin Annie

My heart is absolutely overflowing this week. I have seen the principals of Faith, Hope and Charity in action to a degree that has changed me for the better and changed me forever. The family of Stephen Schmutz and Inger Schmutz, oozes over with these mighty traits. Witnessing their love of each other, and the Lord, in this time of mourning their sweet father has changed me. I will never be the same person in ways that are impossible to explain. I have always admired and loved them, each one, but now that admiration has changed to adoration and complete awe. What a legacy of love is being forged in this world. A legacy that will last through eternity. Melanie Justine Schmutz Chalk Kassie Boyd Stephanie Schmutz-Parente Jennifer and Sterling, thank you for allowing me to glimpse a piece of heaven here on earth. The impact is immeasurable. Eleah Boyd

Here begin pictures of our lives following dad's death. I am so glad all 5 of us and our families could be here together with mom, constantly, for that first week. So much love from everyone in every kind of form of service we could (and couldn't) imagine.


Steff has come so far... from man-woman to toffee thief...



To be continued...

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