Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Mel is 45, Kenny is 12, and end of year dances!

Off to NYC to play and see Broadway shows during an HP trip... we love HP!


How did he turn 12?? I almost have 3 teenagers! Kenny's last day in primary, Deacons quorum visit, Bishop's interview, loving playing the violin, bday party, & school lunch with Dad! 


Stephen at "Mormon Prom" with cute Maddie Halliday - Troy asked me to serenade on the piano!


Fun times at church... Our primary president pulling Stephen in to talk w/ the kids about being a gentleman on a date with girls; RootsTech with Skye; baptism of one of our cute Youth Conf boys!


Love all the FAMILY/PARTY pics with the CRAMMED IN FACES... esp. the teenage "non-prom" party where the diving board broke!!

Beautiful Kassie loved going to her 8th grade dance -- BONUS to have Aunt Tiffany put finishing touches on the dress!! And she loved Aunt Feffer's Rice Krispie bday treat... best gift ever!

What a treat to live close to cute mom and dad. They're always there for all of us, watching kids, having cousin sleepovers, picking up groceries...it's nice to live close so if THEY need help (kidney stone hospital visit) we can be there! Look at this cute note I found in Dad's desk drawer... obviously from game playing with some kid... Best Grandpa ever!!

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