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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Our son DATES and Trek!!

Stephen is such a great organizer! He planned out his first date for a month... a fun Hawaiian triple date with cute Sarai Parker and 4 other friends. He borrowed Hawaiian decor from a friend and they had a blast!  https://youtu.be/OzGf7YYrsfA


And Stephen's 2nd date -- so excited he could take Savannah out ~ they had planned for a year that she'd be his first date but the talented girl is so involved in drama, they had to wait.  Worth it!

Date nights and playtime!

Preparing for and going to Trek was a life-changing experience ~ so blessed to have participated! 8 months of meeting, coordinating, endless communication to produce one of my most treasured adventures ~ hiking 22 miles over 2.5 days in forest wilderness with over 250 of the bravest, kindest, happiest young men and women I've ever known! One of my favorite quotes from a yw: "Thru the swollen feet and million ant bites, this was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I wouldn't trade it for the world! I loved every minute, the mud, strained muscles and sweat!"And going with Stephen and Kristian and Tiff & Sterl, so much fun. Stephen's Ma/Pa emailed this afterwards: Dear Brother and Sister Chalk, We had the wonderful opportunity to be a Ma and Pa for this year’s Youth Conference – Trek.  It was a great experience for my wife and I to be a small part of this conference.  A family was prayerfully selected by our Stake Youth Leaders.  Your Son was selected to be in our family.  We are so grateful Stephen was in our family.  We laughed, we cried, we hiked, we prayed as we endured our trek experience.  We are so impressed with Stephen.  He was totally engaged in our efforts to work together as a family.  He supported our family to help us reach our full potential.  He showed love and carried out our required daily tasks.  You would have been proud of how he acted and the testimony which he bears.  We had the very best family.  Thank you for sharing him with us for the few days we were together.  Stephen will always have a special place in our heart, he is the best.  I can’t wait to see what the Lord has instore for Stephen. Bryce and Lauri Boyd

My healthy meal before heading into no-man's land... and Kas: "I heard you're shot on carts; if I start now and work thru the night I can have 8 more ready for you by sun-up" DYING!

    Singers in the woods: https://youtu.be/t2BoPQ0Gbek; Nephew beats uncle at leg wrestling: https://youtu.be/oFR4aBa59FkPioneers crossing over hill: https://youtu.be/YBI8Rbl6VRk; Boyds in mud: https://youtu.be/3-dyKg0jDH0; Julie Hepworth Mother burying baby: https://youtu.be/ciJR0NFvVig; Bryce Boyd family in high water: https://youtu.be/De2UTaoKZEU; Weavers in high water: https://youtu.be/pymxCo91ZzM; Boyd family getting over a big bump: tps://youtu.be/1zWRKqOwlwU









Hilarious - after the mob swept the trekkers out, I called them all over and said, Mob -- picture time, say cheese! So they all posed. Such fun people to work with!

Kathryn's tagline for this: "no words can describe how utterably exhausted and miserable we are in this picture." The grossness of it all - then cute Kelly sent up a goody baggie w/ Lindt for us!

This pic was used in several private youth blogs - such an incredible experience of hard-work and testimony building. Then we power-washed off the carts and returned them all!

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