Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Monday, August 10, 2015

The last Chalk to marry...a wonderful Utah trip!

We had a fabulous time playing with Daron's family in Utah -- great people and timeless memories. A rare moment to have all 11 Chalk siblings together ~ including Judean and her kids from Kazakhstan! Loved the mountains, cool air, inflatable bouncy house laketime (https://youtu.be/vpotXjfarSo), football throwing park time, BYU bookstore shopping, foosball in a huge fun rental mansion, and most of all NIGHT TIME sibling scary story telling! Ahhh the legendary tales over years from these amazing brothers and sisters. A major highlight was bumping into the Studio C cast... Kas was a total cutie groupie! (https://youtu.be/SxO3AMYVV9I) Here's cute Taya reciting the cutest poem she gave in Stake Conf: http://youtu.be/lyTzBHuEx_g.


Stephen and Dustin trying to squeeze into any shade spot they can!

Good times at the Eden Rental house ~ especially the infamous Bachelor Talk/Party!


Searching for the mouse that Shelley saw run across her floor when she was putting baby Carver to sleep -- yikies! We caught it!!


 Exploring BYU campus and good old Brick Oven!

Kassie's ULTIMATE highlight -- bumping into Studio C cast! She couldn't stop crying tears of joy!




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