Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Friday, August 14, 2015

A fabulous summer drawing to a close...

Annual Grandkids Back-to-school lunch! Mom and Dad are the cutest to do this for us! 

Kassie was in a boating/tubing accident at a lakehouse in Austin during a YW overnighter activity. It was so frightening ~ 5 girls were thrown from a tube 9 feet in the air after hitting a huge wave going 20mph, and they collided in the air and crashed down on top of Kas in the water. She says she's sure she would've died without her life jacket ~ she blacked out twice, couldn't breathe, feel her arm, or move her ribs. We raced up to get her and took her to the ER where they did xrays and cat scans til 4am. Then they ambulanced her to a hospital where she stayed for 3 days on morphine ~ only takeaway injury was a lacerated spleen. We were so grateful it wasn't worse. She gets to lay very low for 8 wks for the 4cm tear to heal. So she'll be going out for basketball this year instead of volleyball, which starts in a week when school starts. Aunt Breanna wisely said maybe there's some reason she wasn't supposed to play volleyball... in every way we were blessed that this injury wasn't worse than it was! Lots of kind well-wishers and yummy treats... so many thoughtful people loving her!



And precious Elder Sterling Boyd departs on his Mission to Logan, Utah!! Lots of tears... joy at his great choice, and missing him already!

Stephen's first wrestling match with Cousin Cannon... as Elder Boyd watches on!

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