Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Sunday, September 8, 2013

My sister, Abish

A very important thing happened last week. My sweet sister Stephanie was asked to play the role of Abish in her ward's young women's program.  She was phenomenal, as you can see here. Stellar Steph rocked the house. Hats, I mean, cloths off to you, Abish! 

In other family news, Kenny enjoyed his first Cubscout Raingutter Regatta!
And we enjoyed giving our 3rd public performance of "The Countries Song" at our ward talent show!

Kas rocked on her "You Belong with Me" rendition

A fun weekend in Lousiana at L'auberge du Lac ~ "the barge on the lake", or, the floating casino that's attached to the hotel. We had fun floating the lazy river w/ Mom and Dad!

You can see all the drunkards also pictured here... we were regaled with colorful, eyebrow-raising conversations as we floated by groups of severely inebriated people. We were grateful... as we looked at them, then at our little innocent kids, then at them again... that we've got a whole different set of standards. Great fodder for conversation about how the bachelorette party inflatables can entertain for only so long. Then the cigarettes and alcohol highs wear off and there's just lots of empty.

Surprising Kas at Theiss lunch with her little 'friend-that's-a-boy' Brennan. 8-)

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