Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mont Blanc, Chamonix!

What a fun weekend visiting Mont Blanc, the tallest mountain in Europe! At the base of the mount, Chamonix (the cute little town that held the first winter Olympics) is darling - just that same fun feeling, with little shops and pretty flowers and yummy treats. Always the yummy treats!

Daron found a great hotel right in the middle of all the action -- here's Kas exploring the lobby...

This candy shop was the BEST!

Dinner - again - at McDonald's. We're always tempted to eat at the local restaurants, then we see the prices on the menu and we just get scared. We can always count on getting good protein from McD's for the cheapest price... plus, hey - this one had a pretty mural of Mont Blanc behind the register!!

This was one of our favorite hotels so far... beautiful white lights strung up over every balcony.

Hotel breakfast - coco-puffs and chocolate coins! Wahooooo!

Out-of-this-world-crazy-beautiful flowers everywhere!

The Saturday morning market - everything from olives to rotisserie chicken to fresh fruit.

Kas tries to make money as a street-performer...

Hummingbird and hang-gliders...

We were playing in our park after we returned from Chamonix, and 3 cute girls from Kassie's class came, saw Kassie, and ran over to her, shouting her name to come play with them. I stood there and watched as Kassie busted right into French and started chatting away with them.  I tell you - I just almost cried! It was so precious. Then I joined them and we all chatted - they told me that they all love Kassie, and she's so funny and she acts like a dog at recess. We all had a great time playing. When we came home, I told her how proud I was of her (and the boys - they joined in the French too) and she told me that in class, she asked a boy (in French) if she could have the glue after him, and he said 'oui Kassie', then he turned to their teacher and said, "Mr. Soulard! Kassie me parlait in francais!" Then Mr. Soulard congratulated her, and she said all the students were excited for her.  We're so glad that she's in a good group of friends - they're all so supportive of her. What a blessing.

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