Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kassie's back-to-school night

We won't ever have to look back on our time here and say - "we should've done this..." or "why didn't we go there?" We're definitely trying to soak it all up. Keeping full schedules and playing and learning. Every weekday the kids have a class (M: Stephen - gym; T: Kenny - gym; W: Stephen - badminton; Th: Kassie - horses), which keeps our evenings full. And every other weekend, it's travel time. I love it - it not only helps us experience as much as possible, but it also helps fill those homesick voids that come when, like the other day, Kenny said - "How long are we staying in Texas for Christmas?"  When I told him 2 weeks, he just dropped to the floor on all fours and cried, "What?? Only 2 weeks? That's not even long at all!"
Yesterday, after a full day (exercising, dentist, homeschooling, muffins to 2 sick friends, lunch at home with all 3 kids, grocery shopping, Kenny's gym class, park to play), Kassie and I went to her back-to-school night. It was so much fun to see her in her daily school environment... with her darling Swiss friends, speaking French, and being happy.  Several of the moms told me that their daughters love Kassie - that she makes them laugh all the time, especially when she acts like a dog.  Ahhh, the memories from Mrs. Rushing's class at The Woods... some things never change. She will always want to be a dog.  Here they are, gathered around her, after eating my chocolate chip/butterscotch cookies I took - they always ask Kassie to bring them to class, since I baked them a few times last year - thanks for the awesome recipe, Aunt Tiff!

Her main teacher, Madame Hostettler ~

Mr. Soulard teaches 2 times per week, and sings and plays the guitar with them ~


The kids did the cutest program ever... I WAS SO PROUD OF KASSIE! Each student had memorized a part where they explained what goes on in the classroom - how they study, what they do, etc. Kassie and her partner Mathau presented the teachers' schedules. It's hard to explain how cute she was ~ I had tears in my eyes listening to her recite her French. I love her fearlessness.

Giving me a classroom tour...

Daron stayed home with the boys and played... I came home and found them in a tickle war.

So here's our basement cellar ~ in the bottom of the apartment complex. All the buildings here have these bomb shelters with super-thick concrete walls. We keep a bit of food storage down there, along with all our suitcases. Here it is... no rude comments about the headband hairdo - I had just gone running. 8-)

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