Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

December fun!

Lots of exciting things going on to close out 2016! So grateful that Dad had his pacemaker changed out -- fun going to support him at the hospital with everyone.  A sweet friend Jill Bluth wrote this about Dad's surgery: "Isn't it wonderful to realize in this situation that your family, because of the work you've all collectively done, has that many more ancestors ministering to your dad right now. You see each other there, but there are so many more with you and him!"


Cousin bday!

Kenny's Spelling bee, and getting his 3rd degree brown belt! 


Taking Kas and Stefan for a holiday playdate... 

Eating out with Mom and Dad... they are always so cute! 

Celebrating our 20th anniversary! 

Stephen's overnight mini-mission... walking in Sterl's footsteps! A friend commented #GrowingTestimoniesAndTaters... (because I posted it w/ these sweet potatoes I grew... cool)

Playing with cute Savannah... we'll miss her when she leaves for college in a few months!! Here's an awesome video of Sav and her friends caroling to us!  https://youtu.be/3R7jY0I0Vy0

Christmas Eve Eve playing and caroling with the Monroes!!


Christmas morning at our home!

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