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Friday, December 16, 2016

The end of an era...

Last Sunday I was released as Stake Young Women's President ~ after 3 years of lots of fun and hard work! Here's my farewell facebook post and a few pics I posted. The funny part about my release that I'll never forget is that the Sat. night before, the power went out and my alarm did not go off and we literally woke up at 9:57, 3 minutes before church started. I yelled thru the house, "EVERYONE GET UP AND GET DRESSED!!" My whole family zoomed to the church... I've never seen them run so fast (I had told them the night before) and I cannot believe we missed the announcement! I'm just glad they didn't ask me to stand up and bear my testimony, since I wouldn't have been there... 8-) I started to get texts of "oh my goodness" and "we will miss you!" as we pulled up to church, so I heard later that cute Pres. Peterson had said "it is with heavy heart that we release...". Out of the hundreds of comments I've gotten on email/facebook/text, 6 of them said they heard an audible gasp around them when they called my name. So so sweet. I'll miss them all!

 Thank you ALL! These past 3 years have been MAGICAL… I have loved serving the Klein Stake, and the young women are now in GREAT hands with the new phenomenal Stake YW PresidencyEllen WeaverJenina Saunders WilliamsMonica Pelton Green, and Gayleen Crawford Little ~ all ladies I ADORE! I will forever treasure the wonderful times I have shared with so many people throughout this calling; Elder Ballard said it best: “Our precious relationships with families, friends, the Lord, and His restored Church are among the things that matter most in life. Because these relationships are so important, they should be cherished, protected, and nurtured.” So true... I will forever cherish my fond memories of this bright time in my life, which has been filled with the love of STELLAR youth and youth leaders in this stake! It’s been so fun combing thru the THOUSANDS of pictures (whaaaat? I have that many?? Yes…) from these past years ~ it would be impossible to individually thank the countless family and friends who have inspired, lifted, and changed my life. Many thanks and excitement for continued friendships that will last beyond the callings!

I jotted down what I did the Friday before I was released ~

Woke up at 5:15, cooked bfast for Steevie, drove him to seminary, stopping along the way for kolaches/donuts since it was his day to treat the class.
Home for 2nd round of bfast/lunch making for Kas, then drove her to bball practice.
Home for 3rd round of bfast/lunch making for Kenny, drove him to school.
Home for 4th round of bfast/lunch making for Daron, kissed him goodbye.
Met for 3 hours with and oriented Ellen, the NEW Stake YW Pres. Passing the notebook and zip files never felt so good! The mantle is real. Sayonara, 3 years of work that felt like 6!
Taught a voice lesson, then baked cookies and cut up fruit for the afternoon school pick up for Stephen and Kenny… they and their friends love it when I drive up with my plates of goodies.
Home to check on contractor who’s been here all week redoing our master bathroom… we found a leak so since he had to tear out the shower/tub walls to fix it all, so we decided to tile instead of the cultured white old scuffed marble. It’s my new favorite room in the whole house. The Texas stars make it...
Got Kas off to her friends for a late night girl party, got Kenny off to Boyds for a sleepover, cooked treats for Stephen and his buddy over hanging out, made dinner for myself & Daron, who has been at the kitchen table night after night all week during a 3-week hell period… next week gone at a conference and the next week in California. 
Got in my comfy jammies and enjoyed the feeling of being mantle-free, watched a few shows.
Tubbied, read Uncle Tom’s Cabin, then headed upstairs to watch True Lies with Stephen, clearplay. 

The day after my release, I kept Kas home and we watched movies and played all day. The next day I kept Kenny home to play. Love the momentary freedom before my next calling comes!

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