Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Mother's Day and Kenny turns 11!

Mother's Day! Loved being with the kids and Daron. I think I inherited from Grandpa George that bug to hop in the car and drive!! We woke up and drove to Faithbridge church and heard a great sermon from Pastor Dan ~ "To honor our parents is a choice of the will. To treat them with dignity and respect, and always look out for their best interests. Because honoring them is more about us than about them." Good rule to apply to all!

Then off to the Woodlands with the doggies for a playday together. So fun! https://youtu.be/mTNxiZ7t5NM



And Kenny turns 11! Only 1 year away from being a deacon... he's a darling boy with a fun, happy personality. Love homeschooling him this 4th gr year - I already miss him when he'll go back to Theiss in the fall! The first thing he noticed on his bday morning was how the sun shone RIGHT on his name!

Pretty hard for Kas and Honey to stay awake for the early bday celebrations...

Hallelujah to having a pool for all these parties... Kas handles the whip cream swim-ups!!

The trumpet flowers even bloomed to herald in Kenny's bday! Stephen prepares for Philmont, and Ninja Kas and other yw dress up to entertain at a little girl's bday party!


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