Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Monday, July 20, 2015

EFY and Cannon's Mission Homecoming!

Stephen LOVED his first year at San Antonio EFY! Excited for him and Kas to go next year!

So fun dropping him off and exploring the city! My favorite text I got from him during the week: "Mom, I love you more than all of the tiny atoms that make up everything in the universe."


It felt like we were dropping him off at college!


And WELCOME HOME Elder Cannon Law! So wonderful to hear his stories and see how he's grown into a man! Watch him talk about his experiences at:  

Singing our rendition of the Arizona state song...
And Jenny's incredible talent for hand-knitting these adorable hats!!
Favorite quote from the weekend:  "If you want to move a mountain, get a shovel! Faith is a principle of action!"
And the sad Supreme Ct decision to legalize same-sex marriage, taking another step toward disintegrating the family. Although Obama didn't light up the White House with red/white/blue colors on our nations birthday on the 4th of July, he sure decorated it for this. Sad.

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