Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Thursday, January 29, 2015

And it's already a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

In retro, the highlight of 2015 will have been watching Savannah, Skye and Shepard light up the stage in Les Miserables! After seeing the show, that night during our scripture study, we were reading Nephi's account of seeing Lehi's dream where he says “I dreamed a dream”, when Daron cut in singing “in times gone by...”  Too funny.
Fun surprise "heart-attacking" from someone!

What a treat to have Jen, Mom and Dad come over and teach a Tower of Babel FHE and swim!

I literally walked into my closet one day and found this. Daron and Geneve looking out the closet window, talking to each other. Then later I found this pic on my phone one of the kids took of Geneve's face. Oh how we love this dog!


Cousin playtime!! I love how the kids get lost in their little world...
 Kidnapping Kenny for pedicures!
This week's TENDER MERCY: So thankful that my toes weren't chopped off when Mom's ancient, 80,000 pound wheat grinder fell from the countertop, an inch away from my foot! Goodbye to the old family heirloom... the engine totally cracked... no more home-ground wheat flour. But grateful that my intact toes can drive me to the store to buy wheat flour! 
Collecting fast offerings with Stephen... love this boy! 
A rare treat... road trip to A&M with Sterling for a Priest-Laurel conference!
Such a memorable outing: being part of a Spanish missionary discussion with tri-lingual Sterl at Denny's with Guillermo and 3 sisters. That brother of mine is like no other, AMAZING!

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