Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Spontaneous decision to spend Halloween in Florida at Disneyworld!



Country Bear Jamboree... so cute! One bear sang a random song about "there's blood on the saddle, and blood all around, and big big puddles of blood on the ground..."  And another of our favorites,
"Momma don't whoop little Beufort, I think you should shoot him instead!"  Wow.

Waiting in line for the new Ariel ride... our least favorite, as the brief slow ride in the clamshell didn't warrant the 1 hour wait, according to the boys... 8-)  But Kas and I liked the scenery! 

We saw this on a church billboard on our trip: "God's refrigerator has your picture on it!"

I went to the temple recently and met a darling lady who gets up at 2:30am to be a temple worker. That, in itself, makes her such a saint.  Then I learned she's retired from being a Post Master, and for 30 years she was Santa Claus, answering kids' letters to Santa and sending them hand-written notes back. So sweet!  I bet her picture on God's fridge has a special star next to it...