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Friday, May 30, 2014

Memorial Day all year round

I had a good experience last weekend that reminded me that Memorial Day should really be everyday. In Walmart while shopping, I watched a little 4-year-old boy pick up the vegetable spray hose and start soaking his mom ~ it was so spontaneous and just funny to me, I started laughing - like belly laughing it was so hilarious. The mom was turned away from me, talking to her little baby in the cart, when she got surprise-pelted with the water by her son.  If it had been me, my first instinct would have been to laugh at my kid... but I noticed that she was instantly upset with her son, and started to gripe him out, at the same time that she noticed me laughing. I quickly composed myself and apologized, and told her how cute he was. Then she started to cry and told me how it had been a hard weekend ~ her husband has been deployed for 6 months, and its just been rough for her with the kids.  We talked awhile about it and I thanked her for her family's service. And I left feeling so grateful for so many families that give the ultimate sacrifice - their family members' time -- for our country. We are lucky to live here in America.

Loved going with Kassie for her first temple baptisms for the dead!

Fun rainy day playtime at Mountasia!

Sterling, my hero, leading the way on our mud-biking adventure... he had to move super big branches


When riding home from school today, Kenny looked out the window and said – "Mom, I don’t think that house is going to get yard of the month. They have no color in their frontyard." I told him he could only say things like that to me. But it kind of made me happy my interest in gardening is rubbing off on him... 8-)

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