Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Skipping school, NJHS and Paris

My morning conversation with Kenny this week before school:

Me: You have to go to school. It’s almost over for the year.
K: No, we have like 6000 days left.
M: No, that’s like how many you have til you graduate from high school.
K: Well I can’t go today. I don’t want to.
M: Then you’re going to grow up and be a bum on the side of the road.
K: WHAAAT? That’s awesome!

Luckily Stephen hasn't skipped too many days this year... excited for him to make NJHS!

Daron had a fun HP trip to Paris this week!

Love doing 'Donuts with Grandpa!'

Kerrigan turns 1!

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