Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

May I wear these to school tomorrow Mom?

Kassie's honest request about the new Goodwill boots I bought for a YW's 70's party...

Daron has joined the family as a contact-wearer.  There is no greater laughter than when Daron stands there at the mirror trying to put his contacts on... we all gather around and watch him kind of be a baby because he simply can't get his right one in by himself, so Stephen, Kassie and I all have to help him and we just laugh and laugh and laugh. Very riotous laughter, til Daron has tears rolling down his cheeks - he talks about how scared he is of my finger coming toward his eyeball... so dang funny.

I bought Mom some Haagen Das Raisin Rum ice-cream and she sat there eating it, and said "I tell you what, Rum is just magical."  What a hoot - she'd be such a funny drunk if she drank. 

Kenny was particularly bouncy at gymnastics this week - Kas takes him and Skye together to the same class, and they just 'leveled up.'  So Kas had to tell him that if he doesn't tone it down a bit, they might make him go back down to the lower level.  To which he said, "Oh about that -- I think I broke a bone in my back, and that's why I was bouncing around so much..."

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