Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Monday, October 29, 2012

Things that make me happy today...

1.  Daron being on vacation this week... he's much more awake and interactive in the mornings when he doesn't have to go to work...

2.  This cool, inspiring graphic ~ "step forward"

3.   My friendly neighborhood Kroger store.  I bought a load of groceries today, and came home to discover I had a whole extra bag of expensive cut deli meats and cheeses.  When I called the Store Manager to tell him I was on my way back to the store to return it all, he happily said - 'Ah, no problem, miss - just keep all that food and enjoy it today -- I'll be sure to replace all that food for her if she comes back to the store!"  I love good, kind people!
4.  Kassie's new "Sego-Sister" business - she looks so cute doing her door-to-door schpiel: "Hi I'm Kassie, the Sego Sister - I'm earning money for school. May I trim your sego palms for $5?" The first day she did 2 houses and made $17 -- wahoo!  (I trim and she runs the fronds to the car) Mike was her first customer. 8-)

5.  Bionic dog.  This is the face I see at every moment of the day when Geneve is around.  Always looking at me with these big huge eyes, saying "when are we going on a walk? Please take me on a walk.  I want to go see my friends, Buddy and Sparky."  And even when we return from a walk, this is STILL the face she wears, because she NEVER tires.  After running for 1 hour, she sprints at every squirrel and dog.  Then she takes a running leap into the pool to cool off, then bounds out and says, again, "when are we going on another walk?" It's pretty darn cute.

6.  Kenny's bedtime chat.    Putting Kenny to bed last night, he was full of questions. I can remember being little like that and having my mind just GO at night time, and Mom and Dad would always just lay on the bed and chat and listen.   I'm not sure the train of thought between all his questions... "How long ago did HP start? Is it hard being a mommy? I can't wait to be a daddy. If you and Dad and Stephen and Kassie all died, do I call 911? When can we go back to Switzerland?"  Bless his little heart, with all his little thoughts.

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  1. Due to the picture and video, I'm not sure Daron being off work and having lots of energy is a GOOD thing. Looks to me like you have one more kid to take care of this week ;)