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Monday, May 7, 2012


As I was at the doctor's office today for 4 hours getting a 'tune-up' (everything I skipped while living in Switzerland ~ just a physical, a well-woman exam, wart removal, bloodwork, knee x-rays, and mammogram) I had fun thinking through all the people we've had doing 'tune-ups' on our new home.  The door has definitely been revolving over the past week; I might have forgotten some, but this is what I can remember ~  Storm door measure/install, AC repair, Home security install, Attic radiant barrier, Ecopest bug sprayer, Carpet guys, Paint guys, Furniture delivery, Mosquito mister quote, Electrician, Mini-bar conversion, Fridge movers, CPAP delivery, Sprinkler guy, Solar Fan installers, and of course all our family back and forth helping with everything in between.  Pure exhaustion.  But this is FUN fatigue... it's so exciting to be in a home we love so much.

Plus, it's good to remember that it's really all just STUFF.  Especially when the boxes seem overwhelming... but it's OK.  I'm grateful that we hung onto these things because lots of it brings me joy ~ mostly just gifts from others or home decor.  

Then there's Geneve, who brings the kids more happiness than I can even express.  They wake up wanting to play with her and go to sleep wanting to snuggle her. Her new thing is to hide in these bushes and pretend she's all sneaky, then she pounces out like a big cougar. Too silly for words. She's the best toy we could ever get. 8-)

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