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Sunday, April 22, 2012

I love being 40!

What a great age ~ it's been 20 years since I was 20, and I'm halfway to 80! That's just crazy. I've been celebrating ever since Christmas, when my family surprised me with those 40 gifts... and this week the fun has continued.  Good times picking out new furniture with Daron for the house (closing in 1 week - yahoo!!); a fun lunch at Hido's; singing with my siblings at church; playing homemade games with the kids... my favorites was the camel-shaped paper pinata! I feel so blessed to be surrounded by wonderful people, to have my health, my testimony, stability, family happiness, and a very fulfilling life. I couldn't ask for anything more.  Well, I have dreamed for years about hiking Machu Picchu on my 40th, but it's OK.  We're here, getting into a new house and new lives after traveling the world for over a year. So maybe we'll hike it next year for Daron's 40th... 8-)

Kenny's heart-shaped fruit-roll up for me

See the camel-shaped head? So cute...

And Inger's the woman who REALLY deserves the praise and celebration today, since she's the one who HAD me 40 years ago! I'm so grateful to her! And she had to go through some emotional trauma... since she already had Jen and Kas, she and dad were kind of excited at the possibility of getting a boy, so when I was born, the nurse said - 'Oh, it's a boy!' Then a few moments later, she said 'just kidding, it's a girl.' I mean - how obnoxious! She could've sued for emotional distress. 8-) I'm just glad I was a girl. And they were too, since they got Sterl after me. And then Mom named me Shannon... and changed it later, realizing I needed to be a Melanie! Crazy. I can't imagine me being a Shannon.

I love few things more in life than singing with my siblings. What a privilege. The best birthday gift!

Cute Joy and Bill gave me a money tree!!

And Geneve enjoyed meeting the Soper's dog Roxy... poor Roxy didn't enjoy meeting Geneve too much though, since Geneve kept trying to bite her fluffy tail. 8-) 

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