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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy December!

What better way to start off breakfast on the 1st day of December than with cookies and milk?!? Yahoo! The day had lots of great things in store... including Kassie riding her horse while STANDING! She's a total equestrian.

And Daron's home from Vienna! We watched The Sound of Music while he was gone, and this time, we recognized all the places we had just visited with Sterl and Jen ~ how exhilarating to see the statues and fountains we saw in person.  When he returned, we exchanged some early Christmas gifts... the Swiss cow shirt and a pretty Edelweiss necklace from Austria!

Daron wandered this Christmas market at the Vienna Rathaus (town hall) at night after manning his booth in the day at his HP Event ~

Image Detail

Image Detail

His favorite authentic Viennese meal: weiner schnitzel and apple streudel!

Here he is at his event - on the far right:

And to celebrate our return to Texas in 3 weeks:
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