Daron, Melanie, Stephen, Kassie, and Kenny

Friday, January 28, 2011

Twas the night before Switzerland...

Here's Stephen posing with our 20 suitcases... the hours are few before we step on our plane in the morning!

This evening we did father's blessings - my dad did one for me and Daron, and Daron gave the kids' their blessings. I took some notes on the highlights - they were all so thoughtful and gave me a great feeling of peace as we embark on this momentous adventure ~

Kassie ~ that you'll retain your wonderful personality; find things to laugh about; enjoy new friends; reach across the language barrier; relax; seek out opportunities for you to grow and develop your skills; pray often

Kenny ~ Heavenly Father loves you so much; continue to be happy; develop the gift to find happiness in many things; be a help to your family; be a great friend; learn and understand French with your smart mind; find wonderful friends and make a quick transition

Stephen ~ Heavenly Father cares about you and is interested in your challenges and accomplishments; you have the privilege of being the oldest, and to demonstrate great leadership skills and help your brother and sister; be a great friend and find new ones you'll enjoy; you have an incredible mind; have the patience you'll need to understand differences in language and culture; have the ability to control emotions - with no anxiety and nervousness; reach out to your Heavenly Father; continue to enjoy physical activities

Mel ~ to be calm for this adventure; to be able to anticipate difficulties and problems and see their solutions; that your mind will be clear and active in this new experience; that you will have good health and strength and be able to do the things you want to do; to be a wonderful servant in the hands of our Heavenly Father; to quickly be able to understand the language and converse with friends you will make as you have throughout your life; to feel at ease as you are guiding your children.

Daron ~ blessed with health, strength, and guidance; to feel comfortable working with coworkers and have a positive experience in your career; lead your family in righteousness; seek out things to bring joy to your fellowman; be a positive influence on people who will feel your love for them; quickly get accustomed to the language

It's hard to describe my feelings on the eve of our departure. I KNOW this is the right time in our lives to take this amazing adventure - I am excited and yet when I get the lump in my throat -- it's because I'll miss everyone here. But we'll be back and we'll enjoy every moment of this fun new chapter in our lives!

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